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Nepali Handmade Cotton Baba Bag is popularly known as “Baba”. It is a type of bag, usually made from cotton and used for carrying items like fruits, vegetables or shopping. The name comes from the resemblance it has to a pregnant woman’s stomach. These bags are traditionally hand-woven in rural areas of Nepal by women who use simple tools like charkhas (spinning wheels) and treadles to create intricate designs on the front and back of the fabric.

A handmade cotton baba bag is a unique and stylish item that can be worn as a purse, shoulder bag, or even a baby carrier. It is made from soft and supple cotton, and is usually embellished with colorful beadwork.

To make a Nepali handcrafted cotton baba bag, you will need a few basic materials. You will need cotton fabric, a needle, thread, and beads. The thread and beads can be purchased at any craft store, while the needle and fabric can be sourced at a fabric store.

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