About Us

Himalaya Export Company was founded in the year 2017 But the owner of this company were engaged in this field since 2 decades. They decide to open the company after getting enough knowledge towards the field and after having adequate knowledge of Pros Cons towards that field. They were optimistic they had broad vision, confidence so they make Himalaya export company one of the leading Nepalese manufacturer industry in garments association Nepal.

After getting a long experience they got expertise in that field their expertise dedication and hard works was truly reflected in their design. They manufactured best quality of goods were eco-friendly, Ajio Free organic clothing which were ISO (International organization for standardization) certified.

Himalaya Export Company is wholesaler and exporter of Nepalese Garments like Eco-Friendly, Hemp Bags, Cotton backpack, Purses, Singing Bowl and much more handmade products. They also manufacture woolen hand knitted products by using wools of sheep. In this way them. A great rate in preserve and promote the culture of the products of wool. They used fabrics of the best quality while manufacturing each and every product.

The Showroom of Himalaya export company is located at Thamel Kathmandu. Himalaya Export Company might be solution or bacon for those people who are seeking for the best quality of garments which the company can easily provide by clearing their doubts that their money is utilized in right products.

Himalaya Export Private Limited is one of the leading and established manufacturer company in Nepali’s garment industries. We offered you exclusive, unique and the best quality of product in very reasonable price than in other market. As per your demand choice and suggestion we will try our best to improve our product as per your requirement.

Our main goal is to provide best quality of our product and the satisfaction of our customers from our products. We deliver your goods everywhere no matter whether you reside in any corner of the world. The degree of our honesty credibility will reflected through our customers love and trust towards us. We heartily welcome our customer in our shop and showroom.